AHS Weekly Wellness: Winter Eye Care

Your eyes need extra care in the winter. We asked ophthalmologist Dr. Jessica Ting, from the Eye Institute of Alberta, and optometrist Dr. Scott Lopetinsky for advice to keep your eyes at their best all season long.

Wear sunglasses. In winter, around 80 per cent of the sun’s UV rays bounce off the snow and into our eyes. Those UV rays increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Polarized lenses block harmful rays. If you’re skiing or snowboarding, don’t forget goggles.

Use good eye drops and turn on the humidifier. Cold, dry winter air can dry your eyes. Ask your eye doctor about lubricating eye drops. Consider getting a humidifier to keep air moist.

Wash your hands. Pinkeye, also known as viral conjunctivitis, is common during flu season and is very contagious. If you have it, avoid touching your eyes and wash your hands often.

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