AHS Weekly Wellness: Step into Winter

When it comes to choosing a practical pair of winter boots, it’s important to think about more than style. Look for a winter temperature rating to ensure the pair you pick is warm, and shop for a comfortable pair with anti-slip soles, too.

Cathy Harbidge, Calgary Fall Prevention Clinic coordinator with Alberta Health Services, says it’s important to look for boots with:

  • Adequate support through the sole and around the ankles
  • High-traction anti-slip soles
  • The correct size. If they’re too big, you may twist an ankle or even have your boots fall off when you’re walking
  • Adjustable laces or laces with a zipper. Sometimes people’s feet swell, Harbidge says, so laces allow you to adjust the boots for comfort.

Harbidge also recommends shopping for footwear later in the day, when your feet are likely at their biggest. Have de-icer on hand for sidewalks and steps to reduce the risk of falling, and try attaching anti-slip shoe grips to the exterior of your boots to increase traction if you’re walking on a lot of ice.

For independent third-party ratings on specific winter boot brands, go to www.ratemytreads.com.

Excerpted from the Fall 2018 issue of Apple magazine, on newsstands now. For a free subscription, email apple.mag@ahs.ca