AHS Weekly Wellness: Snow Safety

Getting outside in the winter is a great way for families to be active. But remember to keep your child safe while doing winter activities and playing in the snow.

To help lower the risk of your child getting hurt, make sure:

  • you supervise your child closely
  • your child is always in a safe place
  • you and your child know about any dangers
  • your child does age-appropriate activities

Winter safety tips

  • Check the weather forecast so you know how to dress for the day.
  • Choose play areas with warm shelters nearby.
  • Dress in layers. Have a windproof, waterproof outer layer. Wear:
    • a hat to keep the ears covered. If under 3, your child’s head is larger than the rest of the body and heat is lost quickly from the head.
    • mittens instead of gloves
    • warm, dry, waterproof boots that aren’t too tight
    • a neck warmer instead of scarf
    • clothes without drawstrings
  • Snow forts can be fun, but building tunnels can be dangerous. Tunnels can collapse and suffocate a child.
  • Watch your child for wet clothes, feeling chilled, frostbite, and being tired.
  • Teach your child about frostbite and hypothermia and how important it is to dress warmly.