AHS Weekly Wellness News: The Big Burn

Understand the risks of indoor tanning

Did you know that approximately one in every three new cases of cancer diagnosed in Alberta this year will be skin cancer? And did you know that indoor tanning just once under the age of 35 can increase the risk of the deadliest form of skin cancer (melanoma) by 59 per cent?

These facts tell us something important: the impact of skin cancer in Alberta is real, and so is the opportunity to prevent it.

The decision not to indoor tan is a simple one, yet, without education on the risks, it might not be one that Albertans make.

Education is particularly important for youth, whose future adult behaviour will be influenced by what they learn before they turn 18.

For this reason, Alberta Health Services (AHS) has launched a new campaign, focused on encouraging parents of children aged 10-15 talk to their kids about tanning now, before they have opportunity to start.

Much like you talk to your kids about wearing seatbelts and helmets, or not using tobacco, AHS encourages you to have a discussion with your children about the very real risks of getting cancer from tanning beds.

For more information, facts, and tips on having this talk, visit: www.thebigburn.ca

To learn more about Alberta’s new indoor tanning legislation, visit www.health.alberta.ca.

By teaching our kids about the risks today, we can help protect them from skin cancer tomorrow.

Together, we can significantly reduce the risk of cancer in Alberta.