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AHS Weekly Wellness News: Ready or Not, it’s Healthy to Have a Plan


Whether you’re ready to start trying for a baby, or not ready to start trying, it’s healthy to have a plan.

Alberta Health Services is sharing this message with all Albertans of reproductive age, through a new website:

Launched January 18, provides helpful tips, tools and to-do lists for Albertans who are not yet pregnant, but who are either contemplating trying for a baby, or, who want to ensure that they remain not pregnant.  For both groups, there are important considerations, many of which will impact health today, and in the future.

Given 40 per cent of pregnancies are unplanned, it’s important that Albertans be aware of their health, before they conceive. This includes considering birth control options, but also goes far beyond that to include such things as nutrition, healthy weights, exercise, environmental factors and drug, alcohol and medicine use.

Visit for information and tools to support your health today, whether you’re ‘ready’ or ‘not’.

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