AHS Weekly Wellness News: Quitting Tobacco

Is today the day you decided you wanted to quit using tobacco? Did you decide that same thing yesterday or the day before, or was it last week or even a month ago?

Whether you’ve made it a New Year’s resolution or not, you’re not alone when you decide it’s your time to quit.

People use tobacco for different reasons, and there is no shortage of good reasons to quit. Longevity, quality of life, the sheer cost of cigarettes or chewing tobacco, the impact smoking has on your friends and loved ones: these are all major factors that may motivate you to quit.

For all the motivation, quitting can still be a difficult process. The nicotine in tobacco is an extremely addictive substance and when you stop using tobacco, your body reacts to the lack of nicotine in your system.

The good news? There are services and resources that can help get you through. In fact, you can double your chances of quitting successfully if you have support.

AlbertaQuits has a wide range of services to help you quit, including a free online service, a free phone service operated by trained cessation counselors, text support, individual counseling and group programs like QuitCore that will teach you how to quit and connect you with others who are also quitting.

Regardless of when, or how you choose to quit, here are some tips to help get you there successfully:

  • Set a Quit Date
  • Identify Quit Tools
  • Consider Stop Smoking Medications
  • Change Your Daily Routine
  • Get Support from Family and Friends
  • Prepare for Withdrawal & Cravings
  • Change Your Eating Habits
  • Participate in Regular Physical Activity
  • Reward Yourself
  • Believe that You Can Do It

Giving up tobacco may be one of your toughest challenges in life. But it will also be one of your most rewarding. For more information on supports available to help you quit, visit www.AlbertaQuits.ca or call 1-866-710-QUIT.