AHS Weekly Wellness News: Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

During the holiday season, festive gatherings mean food, food and more food! Maintaining a balanced diet during this time of year can be a challenge. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on track.

At home:

·         Since you will likely be busier than usual, have convenient healthy food available

·         Buy washed cut up vegetables and fruit for easier choices at meals and snacks.

·         Keep higher calorie food out of sight. This makes it less tempting to indulge.

·         If there are leftovers from a meal, send them home with guests in decorative holiday containers, or package up for future meals.

·         If you bake for the holidays ahead of time, freeze until serving.

At parties and gatherings:

·         Bring a healthier option –grilled shrimp, chicken satay, cut up raw vegetables or a fruit tray.

·         Socialize away from the food table.

·         Choose lower calorie drinks like virgin Caesars, sugar-free pop or sparkling water.

·         Use a smaller plate.

·         Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit.

·         Focus on the food when eating and eat slowly.

Learn more healthy tips at Healthy Eating Starts Here http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/5602.asp.