AHS Weekly Wellness: Keep Your Kids Safe at Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for children. However when combined with costumes, the weather, and darkness, the excitement of the night can pose danger to little ones.

We can’t control the weather or the darkness. But we can do a few things to keep Halloween safe.


  • Ensure footwear and costumes fit properly and provide appropriate protection against weather conditions.
  • Ensure costumes aren’t a tripping hazard.
  • Add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags. This ensures your child is visible in the dark.
  • Choose costumes, beards and wigs labeled “flame-resistant”.
  • Choose face paint or make-up instead of a mask that can interfere with your child’s vision.
  • If your child is wearing a mask or a head piece, ensure they can see clearly from the front and both sides, and that it doesn’t interfere with their breathing.
  • Never allow your child to carry a sharp or dangerous costume prop, such as a knife or sword.


  • Children are safest if they trick-or-treat in groups. Don’t let them trick-or-treat alone.
  • Accompany your child until you feel comfortable that they are old enough to go without parental supervision.
  • Remind your child that the same safe road rules apply when trick-or-treating as they do any other night. Always walk on sidewalks, and cross the street at crosswalks or street corners only.
  • Teach your child to trick-or-treat in well-lit areas, and to only visit homes that have outside lights turned on.
  • Pack a flashlight in your child’s trick-or-treat bag.
  • Remind your child never to go inside a stranger’s home or car.
  • Before your child digs into their treat bag, be sure to inspect all goodies.
  • Discard all candy that has a loose, broken, or open wrapper.
  • Discard homemade candy or baked goods provided by people you don’t know.
  • Wash all fruit, and cut it into pieces to inspect it before eating.

Source: ahs.ca