AHS Weekly Wellness: Keep Active During Winter Time

Snow, ice, cold and fog are just a few of the natural elements we experience when winter is in Alberta.

Although winter provides us with an excuse to cozy up inside and stay warm, this isn’t always the healthiest choice. Children often experience a variety of distractions on a daily basis and the frosty winter weather is yet another obstacle to getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity. In order to overcome the cold, sometimes we all need a little extra motivation.

Here are some tips and helpful hints on how to get the whole family outside and active this winter:

  • Get the whole family involved by building snow angels, or, if you’re really feeling ambitious, create your own look-alike snowperson family.
  • Try making the snow into your own work of art by creating snow castles, mazes, or snow sculptures.
  • Take a slide on the wild side and go tobogganing (find a safe hill and remember your winter sports helmet).
  • Play snow-pitch, a traditional game of slow pitch isn’t just for summer anymore! Try playing a game in your local diamond out in the snow, for a fun twist on this great family pastime.
  • Create a more challenging game of hopscotch in the snow by using food coloring.
  • Don’t forget snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Even if you don’t own equipment, these items can generally be rented at a variety of outdoor activity centres and parks.
  • Gear up with a helmet and safety gear and head to your local outdoor rink for a skate or a game of hockey.