AHS Weekly Wellness: Get Ready for Winter

Here are tips for getting your home, yard and car ready for the snow.

Inside your home: It’s time to get your furnace and fireplaces cleaned, and ensure they’re in working order. Install a carbon monoxide detector, or double-check that the one you have still works. Check weatherstripping on doors for cracks and replace if necessary. (Remind your landlord if you rent.)

In the yard: Put away garden hoses. Rake leaves and put up your Christmas lights before the snow falls. Buy de-icer or sand for your sidewalks, and book a snow removal service if you don’t like shovelling.

Car care: Install winter tires. Replace broken wiper blades and add winter windshield washer fluid to your car’s reservoir. Check the battery. Ensure your car has an emergency kit, and add a shovel and a sleeping bag to your trunk, in case you get stranded or stuck.

Excerpted from the Fall 2018 issue of Apple magazine, on newsstands now. For a free subscription, email apple.mag@ahs.ca