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AHS Weekly Wellness: Advance Care Planning

We may all experience a time when someone we love has an accident, injury or disease that takes away their ability to speak for themselves. When that happens, would you or your loved ones know what they wanted for care?

It’s important to have a will in case of death, but it’s also important to have an advance care plan so loved ones know what you want and take the guess work out for your healthcare team if it was needed.

On April 16, 2017 it is Advance Care Planning Day. It’s a day for awareness. It’s a day to ask the people you love to talk about their care wishes. It’s a day to put those you love at ease if something were to happen to you. It’s a day to plan and talk about the “what if”.

Yes, it’s an awkward conversation for many, but a very important one to have. Anyone over the age of 18 may want to consider having an advance care plan, as it’s not just for people who have already had something tragic happen; it’s for every adult.

Take the guess work out. Take control of the conversation. Take action on your care wishes.

For tools to start this conversation, visit There you will find resources, documents, videos and other information to guide you in the conversation.

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