AHS Consultants and Managers Rack Up Cell Phone Bills North of $10,000: Wildrose


CALGARY, AB (February 13, 2015): Over an 18 month period, several AHS upper managers and senior consultants racked up cell phone bills surging near or over $10,000, the Wildrose Official Opposition announced today.

The information was gathered and released through a Freedom of Information (FOIP) request submitted by the Wildrose, unveiling over $825,000 spent on wireless device bills over $500.  In total, there were 875 instances of employees charging over $500 during a single month on their wireless bill, 134 instances for over $1,000.

“While patients are faced with increasing wait times for surgeries and access to emergency rooms, it’s outrageous that senior AHS managers and directors were leveling these types of massive cell phone bills on taxpayers,” Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said.  “Sadly, this is just the part of the AHS culture festered by the PC government that has resulted in literally billions of dollars wasted over the past several years.”

The FOIP confirms there was “no specific mobile device usage policy” prior to Feb. 4, 2014. AHS CEO Vicki Kaminski recently admitted AHS had a “lack of clarity” with regards to policy governing costs associated with wireless or cell phone use, specifically involving roaming charges.

Highlights of monthly charges

Title Bill
AHS Manager $10,750
AHS Senior Consultant $9,487
AHS Director $12,153
AHS Director $7,265

Forsyth said without a party like the Wildrose fiercely dedicated to protecting taxpayers, information on this type of egregious waste would never be uncovered.

“This information was available, yet neither members of the PC government or leaders at AHS had any mind to track this information and put a stop to it,” Forsyth said.  “Albertans can always expect the Wildrose to ensure their tax dollars are protected and spent wisely on front-line services.”