AG Report Creates Concerns Over Flood Mitigation Planning: Stier


FORT MACLEOD, AB – The PC government is failing to do its due diligence in flood mitigation planning and protect our communities, according to the latest Auditor General’s report, Wildrose MLA Pat Stier said today.

The report chastises the government for not having up-to-date flood maps, adequate risk assessment processes or systems to assess the cumulative effects of mitigation projects, among other failings. The report also states that the PCs are not documenting the safety of Alberta’s dams.

Stier said the report indicates the PC government is not doing enough to protect Albertans from future floods.

“I was frankly shocked to read the Auditor’s report. More than two years after the floods of 2013, this report indicates the PC government still has no effective plan in place for flood mitigation,” Stier said. “We all want to secure the safety of our communities, but every good builder knows, proper planning is a huge part of finding success.”

Stier pointed to an example from High River, where the government has had to change course on its flood mitigation strategy three times, as a result of poor planning. He said he’s hoping the government has done its due diligence in Springbank, where acres upon acres of rich farmland and prime development territory will be used.

“We all want to ensure the safety of our communities,” Stier said. “I will continue to press to make sure the proper steps are taken in the Springbank project, so we’re not changing course over and over, at a tremendous cost of time and money to Albertans.”