Advisory Panel Launches Public Consultation on Healthcare Innovation


Supporting the Panel’s commitment to seek input from public and stakeholders

September 16, 2014 – Ottawa, ON

The Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, created by Minister Ambrose and chaired by Dr. David Naylor, today launched a Canada-wide consultation on healthcare, with the goal of engaging healthcare leaders, experts and the public in the conversation.

The consultation includes an online questionnaire to seek the views of Canadians, as well as a request for written submissions from stakeholders and experts. This will be complemented by in-person sessions with key stakeholders throughout fall 2014 and early 2015. Additional information is available on the Panel’s web page at

The Panel has been specifically asked to recommend five ways the federal government could better support innovation that improves care for patients and strengthens the healthcare system, without raising the overall cost to taxpayers, and while respecting jurisdictional roles.

Quick Facts

  • Minister Ambrose created the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation in June 2014 to look at innovation in healthcare, both internationally and across Canada, and to recommend five ways in which the federal government can support efforts to improve healthcare.
  • Input from this consultation will be used by the Panel to help develop and support the recommendations that will be made in its final report, to be published by June 2015.


“Over the past year I’ve spoken first-hand with many Canadians about healthcare and I know that the public has a great many insights to offer the Panel as it carries out its work. I’m delighted that the Panel is launching its online public consultation so that it can hear from Canadians about the many creative ways they’ve seen to improve the quality and sustainability of healthcare in Canada. I know that Dr. Naylor and the rest of the Panel are eager to hear your views on how the federal government can foster those innovations that will mean better and more affordable care for us all. “
Rona Ambrose
Minister of Health

“The advisory panel is starting to receive excellent input from healthcare leaders and professionals. However, we also want to hear from Canadians who, personally, or through family and friends, have had recent experience with the healthcare system. Our questions for you are simple. What have you seen that seems to be working well? What do you see as features of the system that need improvement? And what are your ideas for positive changes that will ensure future generations enjoy healthcare that is high quality, accessible, and affordable?”
Dr. David Naylor
Chair, Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation