Adopt the Pace of Nature…Her Secret is Patience

Adopt the Pace of Nature

What strange times we are living in. I know that all of us are navigating uncharted waters these days. Whether we are working from home while caring for kids, in quarantine from a recent trip, or part of the vulnerable population who must rely on family and friends for everyday things – it is likely that we are all feeling overwhelmed in some way. I recently took part in a webinar hosted by Anima Leadership. In it, the facilitator suggested that we all check in with ourselves each day and ask “How did my ancestors overcome adversity and what can I learn from them?”, “What good can come out of this pandemic?” and “What can I learn from this?”.  It is important for us to focus on this type of meaning making during these times.

While I think about these question, I can’t help but tie them to Glenbow Ranch. As many of you know, the history of the people who lived on these lands is full of adversity and challenges. The introduction of European settlers that  threatened Indigenous Peoples’ way of living, the tough conditions faced by settlers, limited access to health care, short lived glory days followed by uncertainty, men leaving to fight in World Wars – all of these things must have brought feelings that are similar to those we face today. But, like the story you will read later in our newsletter by Shari Peyerl – life went on.

And so too it will for us.

During the early days of Covid-19, thousands of Albertans flocked to our Parks and open spaces for a break from their cabin-fevered days. I can’t help but hope that this mass-movement of people towards nature as a source of happiness and community will change our Government’s perspective related to the importance of Parks and Recreational areas. And by extension, I hope that we all recognize the need to protect these areas.

I am sad that Parks have been closed to vehicle access but for the health and safety of us all I know that it is the right decision. Let me assure you that the Park is doing well! The deer are enjoying having the place to themselves. The ground squirrels are as loud as ever and the blue birds and birds have prey have begun their return. Live goes on for nature as it will for us.

We at the Foundation know that, although the day to day activities have altered for the next while, the work we do is still important. Although we can’t be in classrooms teaching your children, we can offer parents materials on our website. We still have many projects to continue like vegetation management, erosion control and signage. So we will keep working as we have before.

We will continue to post photos to Facebook and Instagram (@glenbowranchparkfoundation) so that you can still see the lands as they change seasons. And if you have any questions, please email us at

Stay safe, be kind to yourself and one another and remember that we are all in this together,

Sarah Parker

Executive Director

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation