Active Living in MD of Foothills


NW Foothills Recreation Board Survey About a Facility in our Area

Please take 5 minutes and fill in our online Survey, which will run until May 31, 2015, and make your opinion count!    For the Survey & more info, visit:

The M.D. has asked the NWFRB to survey the residents of Divisions 3, 4, and 5 regarding their support for an Active Living Recreation Centre. This complex would be located at the Seaman Sports Park, near the Millarville Racetrack.  The first phase of the indoor facility could include an ice arena, fitness/wellness space, senior’s club, library, local museum, indoor walking/jogging track and multi-purpose rooms – a facility similar to the Scott Seaman complex at the Heritage Heights School.

Through our Survey, we are asking residents for their support and feedback for desired facilities at our complex.

It’s Free to Walk at the Fieldhouse Walking Track

Check it out! All you have to do is sign in and bring your indoor walking shoes. Plan a stop at this amazing facility on your travels or plan a walking meeting! Have fun and stay active. Our Legacy Field House Location: