A Wonderful Year Ends for The Millarville Mutts and Mustangs

With the end of the 4-H year upon us, The Millarville Mutts and Mustangs are at full speed.

A few weekends ago we had our highway clean-up fundraiser. This fundraiser brings in lots of money for our club and cleans up our province.

In March, We had our club-wide winter workshop. Our horse kids made rope halters with the help of Buck-Wild Tack. The canine kids made 6-inch paracord tab leashes to help with their agility and the archery kids made arrow stands.

Each project is working towards achievement day and 4-H on Parade, which is a regional competition for all projects. Held at the Calgary Stampede grounds on May 31st to June 2nd.

Another thing our members have been working on is their record books. These are records of how much money, time and work you have put into your project. They have to be completed for you to have finished your 4-H year. There are even competitions your record book can go onto!

We have had a wonderful year with our members, and hope to see them all back in the next year.  

Joy Den Haan, Club Reporter