A Renewed Relationship and the UN Declaration Discussed with Treaty 8 First Nation Chiefs

Premier Rachel Notley, Grand Chief Steve Courtoreille and several Chiefs from Treaty 8 First Nations met to establish an improved relationship going forward.

Premier Notley and Treaty 8The Premier and the Chiefs of Treaty 8 reaffirmed their commitment to an enhanced relationship built on trust and respect.

“I appreciated the opportunity to clarify our government’s priority and willingness to be better neighbours and partners with Treaty 8 First Nations. Through collaboration and greater dialogue, we can move towards a more open and meaningful relationship for the benefit of all Alberta families.”

~ Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta

“Today was an opportunity to meet with this historic new government which has promised to work collaboratively on a way forward between First Nations and the people of Alberta.  This new relationship, with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People at its core, has every chance to repair the damage caused by the previous government.  We will show equal commitment to Premier Notley in building a better future for all our children.”

~ Steve Courtoreille, Grand Chief of Treaty 8

The meeting included a respectful discussion of important topics that ranged from consultation to environmental protection and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

“The UN Declaration is a far-reaching document that will redefine this province’s relationship with Indigenous peoples. I was grateful to receive valuable advice and feedback from Treaty 8 leadership on how we can move forward together on this key initiative.”

~ Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Aboriginal Relations