A Homeless Shelter that Accepts Pets in Calgary? You Can Help Make it Happen!

A Homeless Shelter that Accepts Pets in Calgary?

The January cold snap showed us the need for a pet friendly shelter in Calgary. Fortunately volunteers opened their homes to pets and owners that week. We are looking to rent a space to make this happen. Frankly, we need fundraisers, sponsorship and donations to make this happen. We need to raise $30,000 to start this project.

Check out the GoFundMe Page set up by Parachutes for Pets.

About Parachutes for Pets

Mission Statement: Keeping pets and families together by subsidizing necessary pet care to low income individuals. 

Who We Are:

Pet care can be expensive, especially if your pet relies on daily medication. Upon approval, Parachutes for Pets will assist in funding with the areas below. 

Who Qualifies for our Help:

  • Senior Citizens(must be receiving government pension)
  • Individuals receieving AISH
  • Homeless individuals with pets

*While we wish we could help everyone, we rely soley on donations and have to limit applicants to the above groups”

What We Help With: 

  • Necessary medications for pets with a chronic condition 
  • Necessary grooming (matt removal) and nail trims
  • Pet Food
  • Emergency vet consultation/exam may be approved on a case by case basis 

*Please see our other resources page for services not listed here offered by other agencies*

How the program works:

Applications will be submitted directly to Parachutes for Pets. There is a yearly cap on funding per household.