A Constructive Session from Wildrose Leaves Plently of Unanswered Questions from NDP


EDMONTON, AB – Wildrose successfully amended election financing legislation, put forward positive ideas to strengthen small business, and exposed the government’s economic policies that will harm job creation and economic prosperity, the Wildrose Official Opposition said Friday.

“Our strong team of Wildrose MLAs proved we are more effective, responsible and constructive than ever before. We will continue to stand up for Albertans and put forward positive ideas that benefit all Albertans,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “I’m proud of what we accomplished, and look forward to helping the government by proposing positive policy solutions and exposing dangers in parts of the NDP’s economic agenda.”

On Bill 1, Wildrose successfully stopped the ability of unions and corporations from paying off loans, while exposing donation loopholes that still allow for unions and corporations to backstop loans and give donations in kind.

Wildrose outlined the government’s failure to be transparent with the hundreds of millions, to possibly billions of dollars in new spending, passed in the NDP mini-budget. The mini-budget had debate restricted to only three hours.

“The NDP were expecting a blank cheque on several of their new spending measures. Albertans expect better than having billions of new spending announced without any facts or figures to back them up,” Jean said.

On the dramatic increase of taxes, Wildrose put forward a constructive amendment to ease the burden facing small businesses across Alberta that was voted down by the NDP.

Whether it’s the lack of economic study into the 50 per cent increase to the minimum wage, or a failure to properly support environmentally responsible pipelines, Jean said the NDP have plenty of questions to answer over the summer.

“Albertans expect moderate, sensible and fiscally responsible leadership to manage our economy,” Jean said. “The NDP need to slow down and begin to consult with Albertans and our job creation experts on key files like the minimum wage and getting our product to market.”