A Christmas Message from MP Barlow – The Christmas Wreath

A Christmas Message from MP Barlow - The Christmas Wreath

A Christmas Message from MP Barlow - The Christmas Wreath

Christmas is a wonderful time of year spent with friends and family, loved ones and neighbours. We gather at one another’s homes, in community halls and in our downtowns to celebrate the holidays with family traditions passed down from generation to generation. These traditions, new or old, have a strong place in our hearts and become an essential part of our festive memories.

Some of my most beloved holiday traditions are when my wife Louise and I visit our local shops to do some Christmas shopping, decorating the tree with the kids, enjoying a classic Christmas turkey dinner followed by a classic must-watch Christmas movie while relaxing on the couch.

We all have our own beloved traditions, but where do these traditions come from? Some traditions become so deeply ingrained in our culture that over time we can forget where it all began. Putting a wreath on our doors at this time of year is said to symbolize the strength of life, as the evergreen pine perseveres through the harsh forces of winter.

That is an inspirational metaphor. It reminds me of the many farmers who have faced harsh winter weather and persevered so the rest of us have food to put on our table on Christmas day. It reminds me of so many businesses and individuals in our riding who have faced adversities over the past few years, but through resilience and persistence have overcome these obstacles. You succeed because you refuse to be discouraged and you go on. Your commitment to your community and your family is worth celebrating.

We must remember that, through all our trials in life.

Over time, Christmas wreaths have also come to convey a meaning of “welcome”. To my constituents, you are always welcome to my office, my door is open. I invite you to drop by, I encourage you to email or call me. I am accessible and welcome your feedback, insight and questions.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, I wish you peace and happiness through the celebration of your own family traditions.

From my family to yours, I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, and a bright and prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas from MP John Barlow