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7 SAIT Summer Camps for the Mini Techie in Your Life

One of the best parts about SAIT Summer Camps is that they’re a mini version of the programs and courses we offer. They’re a chance for kids in Grades 1 – 12 to dive deeper into their interests. Campers will be inspired, learning something out of the ordinary in a supportive environment.

Camp themes cover a wide range of interests — from media and the culinary arts to trades and engineering. In this era of digital natives (children brought up using digital technology), understanding how and why technology operates the way it does has become an essential skill for the latest generation. 

Here are some SAIT Summer Camps that foster the development of digital skills:

1) MapIt!

Grades: 5 – 6

Length: one week

What would we do without technology like Google Maps? Campers build their own mini-world with augmented reality and participate in a geo-caching scavenger hunt. They’ll also learn how to use GPS software to collect and plot geo-data while building their own map.  

Essential skills: digital technology, document use and numeracy. 

2) Mobile App Development

Grades: 7 – 9

Length: One week 

Phones are definitely allowed in this camp — in fact, they’re required! Campers learn the basics of how to design and build a mobile app. Throughout the process, they’ll discover how to script, construct and optimize their app for a variety of mobile devices. 

Essential skills: continuous learning, digital technology and thinking.

3) Inventioneer

Grades: 7 – 9

Length: one week 

In this camp, youth discover mechanical design skills through the assembly of parts, hand sketching and 3D modelling. They’ll get to explore the principles of mechanics and laws of thermodynamics by building their very own Stirling engine!  

Essential skills: digital technology, working with others and thinking. 

4) Game Programming with Raspberry Pi  TM

Grades 7 – 9 

Length: one week 

Perfect for gamers, campers learn the basics of app software using the Python programming language to manipulate the Minecraft TM world. At the end of the camp, they will take home their Raspberry Pi  TM kit to continue building their world.

Essential skills: continuous learning, digital technology and working with others.

5) Home Builder’s Drafting

Grades: 7 – 12 

Length: one week

Campers get to know basic drafting techniques and how to design their own home. They’ll also learn how to read blueprints and produce full drawings using drafting software. At the end of the camp, they’ll take home their house drawings, complete with floor plans and building specifications. Campers may wish to grow their skills further by enrolling in the intermediate camp, Home Builder’s Design and Drafting.

Essential skills: digital technology, document use and thinking.  

6) X-treme Robots

Grades: 7 – 12 

Length: choice of one or two weeks

This camp features introductory (one-week) and intermediate (two-week) streams. Campers get hands-on exposure to electronics, circuit boards and programming. These skills help them design, build and program their own robots, which they get to take home at the end of camp.  

Essential skills: digital technology, document use, thinking and working with others.  

7) Engineering Design and Innovation

Grades: 9 – 12

Length: three weeks

In this career-focused camp, participants create their own 2D and 3D models and gain exposure to the latest technologies, such as laser cutting, rapid prototyping and vacuum forming. The best part? They come away with a portfolio.   

Essential skills: digital technology, working with others and thinking.

Looking for more SAIT Summer Camps? Check out our full list here.  

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