The 68th Lethbridge (Windystone) Baden Powell Guild – A great community champion!

Alberta’s Promise is excited to share the great work of community groups like the 68th Lethbridge (Windystone) Baden Powell Guild which are committed to improving the lives of children and youth in their communities.

The Guild, staffed by semi-retired Scouters committed to their community, has supported the Lethbridge International Air Show for over nine years and the annual Cub Car Rally for over a decade. Guild members also volunteer their time to support numerous camps and activities for children and youth, including the Scount/Venturer Ren-day-vous at Fort Whoop where 150 youths are taught camp skills and Dutch-oven cooking.

The group has sponsored bursaries to allow youth to attend the Northern Alberta Jamboree and has provided $500 scholarships to young people pursuing higher education in Lethbridge, among many other community supports. THANK YOU for your continued service to the Lethbridge community!

For more information about the Guild or to get involved, contact Larry Jones or Rick Ross.

(Source: Alberta’s Promise)