$500,000,000: Harper’s Partisan Self-interest Costs Canadians in Most Expensive Election Ever


Submitted by the Liberal Party of Canada

Harper’s “gaming the system” – former Elections Canada Head

OTTAWA – For his own personal advantage, Stephen Harper is costing taxpayers half of a billion dollars by needlessly causing the most expensive election in Canadian history.

While the economy plunges back into recession and middle class families struggle to make ends meet, Stephen Harper’s only focus is silencing his critics and funnelling millions from taxpayers into Conservative Party coffers.

Three ways this election will cost Canadians more while benefitting Stephen Harper personally:

  1. On top of the estimated $375 million (CBC, Aug 1) to run a normal campaign, taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $125 million more to pay the extra cost to run a 79-day election campaign.
  2. The Conservatives will benefit with the biggest taxpayer-funded rebate in Canadian history – up to $25 million straight into Harper’s coffers.
  3. Disgraced Conservative Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau are back on the public payroll. Each will earn an extra $16,385.75 from taxpayers because of Harper’s longer campaign.

Desperate to hang on to power after ten failed years, Stephen Harper is so entitled and out of touch that he doesn’t think twice about misusing taxpayer dollars. It is the type of abuse and mismanagement that defines the Conservative Party.

Only Justin Trudeau has a plan for real change that will create jobs and economic growth. A Liberal government will cut taxes for the middle class, by delivering a $3 billion tax cut for those who need it the most. Liberals will also create one bigger, fair, tax-free, monthly cheque to help families with the high cost of raising their kids. That’s real change.