5 Effects Tech Has on Our Youth

5 Effects Tech Has on Our Youth

By D Scott Carruthers

Technology use has been on an all-time high. What’s even more surprising is that the ages of children being exposed and using gadgets, computers, and anything related to technology has become younger over the decades. We are continuously expecting this to go on through an upward trend. What are the implications of the tech exposure among the younger generation?

Some critics would believe that technology has bad effects on our youth, and some hopefuls would say otherwise. In this post, we will be talking about the 5 Effects Tech Has on Our Youth.

5 Effects Tech Has on Our Youth


1. Brain Development
Brain development is most active during the first 7 years of life. During this time, it is very critical to give children the appropriate stimulation. It is ideal to present opportunities at the first 7 years of a child’s life, so that they will have the knowledge and skills on areas that they need in order to succeed later on.

Too much gadget exposure consequently affects a child’s brain development negatively. This can include cognitive delays and impaired learning.

Children who are frequently exposed to gadgets such as tablets and smartphones will tend to have lesser social interaction. Some skills that are learned mostly through interacting with other people such as establishing eye contact and speech may de delayed due to the lack of appropriate stimulation.

In the use of technology devices, the skills acquired may be limited. This is especially evident when it comes to motor skills, as children will not walk, run, or do physical activities. There may be impaired learning as a child may be very skilled in using a device but may be delayed in other skills such as gross motor and fine motor skills. Kids who are bombarded with gadgets may walk, run, and perform other physical tasks later than their peers.

2. Aided Learning
On the flip side, there are also undeniable benefits in having technology accessible to our youth.

An example of this is the advent of free, easy-to-access information given by the power of internet. This is very useful to students, who may need help in researching for topics in school.

Also, this provided opportunities for our children to self-learn skills that they are interested in when these are not taught in school. They are given a chance to grow in any area they like, equip themselves with knowledge which is otherwise scarce if internet was not available.

There are also the development of educational and supplementary apps for children who have difficulties learning in traditional setting. For example, a child who has difficulties learning to read may make use of reading apps or games. Since the games are very engaging, the child learns to read while having fun at the same time. There are also children with special needs who cannot communicate using speech. Making use of devices such as a tablet will allow a disabled child to press buttons and express his or her needs more effectively.

3. Attention Span and Patience
Another effect of tech use in our youth is the decrease of attention span for other activities. In a virtual world where everything is accessible in the click of a button, there may be kids who are struggling to wait in actual situations.

Skills like sitting still in public places, learning a hobby, or academic tasks may drive a child to a point of inattention because too much gadget use have caused children to wait less and less to get what they want.

Children must learn the concept of delayed gratification, because some important lessons can be learned only through waiting patiently.

4. Entertainment Opportunities
Technology has definitely expanded options for children to be entertained. The development of animation and computer-generated graphics have introduced their favorite cartoon characters and super heroes.

Movies are shown seasonally which allow families to bond while watching these kid-friendly movies. These animated characters, which won the hearts of our youth have paved the way to build the best theme parks and recreation centers in many countries.

5. Addiction
Addiction is anything that affects an individuals life due to excessive use. It is scientifically proven that rewards given in video games releases chemicals in the brain that may cause children to seek continuous play.

When parents give in to their children’s requests, the more they will get sucked in to the downward spiral of technology addiction. Addiction is the root cause of the other negative effects mentioned above. It is important to set clear boundaries in frequency of use, and children must learn that “no means no” when time is up to use the gadgets.

The advancement of technology has given us so many benefits which far outweigh the negative effects. However, anything that is overly used is inherently dangerous. Being aware of the negative effects and setting limitations for your children is a must in order to avoid the bad consequences of technology use.

Whether you may be someone who is for or against tech use for children, the takeaway for this is to understand that moderation is key. Technology is a form of information source, and when used in the right way and frequency will give the maximum benefits for any child.

D Scott Carruthers is a talented writer who has a passion for culinary arts. He was able to land a job writing descriptions for restaurants have his work published in the local newspaper. Visit his website here(link: http://dennisscottcarruthers.com/).