5 Destinations to Take Children

The world is their classroom

Summer vacation is upon us and the big looming question on every parent’s mind is, what are we going to do with the kids?

The thought of embarking on a great family vacation might seem unappealing, but believe it or not, travel has never been so kid-friendly. Not only is traveling with children accessible, but it is also encouraged. Travel can positively influence a child’s intellectual ability, personality development and overall wellbeing.

With over 160 incredible destinations in the Qatar Airways network to explore, find out the best places to visit with children, and the benefits that these destinations can have on their learning and development.

Broaden their horizons with diversity in Hong Kong

Known for its attractions, museums, scenery, bustling cityscape and, of course, Disneyland, nothing offers a more exciting and memorable family getaway than Hong Kong. It is a diverse destination that offers the best of cultural education as well as fun activities.

Start the trip off with a few days exploring some of the city’s iconic museums. Depending on what your children are interested in, there is everything from a science museum to a space museum, a history museum and more.

If the city itself becomes overwhelming to explore with the little ones, why not enjoy a bird’s eye view? Take a scenic tram ride to Victoria Peak and enjoy the incredible sights from above. Not only can you admire the glistening skyscrapers below, but you can also spend time on the peak to experience the natural wonders of Hong Kong. The top is also very close to the iconic wax museum, Madame Tussauds. 

Take some time out from the hustle and bustle to explore the New Territories between Kowloon and Mainland China. This cultural region in Hong Kong is home to plenty of unspoiled country parks just waiting to host your family picnic.

Last but not least, a day trip to the outlying island of Lantau is necessary as it is home to Hong Kong’s very own Disneyland. This, arguably, could be the highlight of your kid’s vacation.

Encourage their curiosity with new cultures in Hanoi

Take the kids on a South East Asian getaway to the historic heart of Vietnam. The city’s mix of dynastic and colonial history provides a great incentive for families to vacation to Hanoi.

The whole family can learn something at the National Museum of Vietnamese History, or instead admire the city’s living history by exploring the streets and discovering the local temples. Visit the Old Quarter for a glimpse of Hanoi as it was, more than a century ago. The kids will love wandering through the quaint street markets, with plenty of activity to keep them entertained along the way. The water puppet shows are an enjoyable activity for the whole family to partake in, blending traditional music and folklore with puppetry and modern-day special effects.

To escape the hustle and bustle, take the family away from the city and catch the overnight train or a resort bus to the incredible hill area of Sapa. The kids will be fascinated by the amazing landscapes and epic mountain views, and plenty of greenery for them to run around in. Take a mini trek through the hills where they can get up close to Vietnamese fauna and flora, admire stunning mountain scenes and meet the locals. Encourage the children’s cultural curiosity when you explore the local villages and get to know how the local hill tribes live.

Embark on the ultimate family adventure to Cape Town

From wildlife safaris to culinary experiences, adventure tours and traditional South African culture, Cape Town is a melting pot of education and fun for families.

Nothing beats the wonder of seeing elephants, lions and giraffes, especially when they’re in the wild. Embark on a wildlife safari and awaken the kids’ minds as they discover the magnificent animals local to South Africa. The Aquila Game Reserve that is located deep in the South African wilderness hosts guided tours through Cape Town’s jungle to find baboons and plenty of other unique, exotic species.

Naturally, a trip up Table Mountain is a must do for all Cape Town travelers. Whilst the little ones might not enjoy a mountain hike, there is a cable car that will take your family to the top. Discover magnificent views along the way and plenty to explore at the top. Take time to discover some of South Africa’s cultural history surrounding Cape Flats, Robben Island and the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range.

After your expedition up Table Mountain, take advantage of the plethora of adventurous activities that your whole family can enjoy. Zip line through the incredible scenery of Cape Town which borders the Table Mountain National Park Reserve. With epic views of the Table Mountain range, the kids will love zipping through the trees up to 155 meters above sea level.

After an adventurous day in the mountains, head down to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront for a well-deserved feast. Introduce the kids to a new cuisine and tuck in to a fresh, seafood feast – famous in the Cape Town region.

Experience new sights and sounds in Goa

Goa may be India’s smallest state, but it is packed with extraordinary things to experience, from architecture to cuisine and unique culture. If you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation with an educational twist, Goa is the place to be.

Venture to Old Goa to experience a slice of India’s history – the city was thriving in the 16th century before an epidemic diminished its population in the 18th century. Many of the buildings and structures remain today, now making up a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Open the children’s eyes to a new culture and wander through one of the colorful villages that Goa is known for. Travel to Panaji, home to plenty of craft markets, large bookstores and epic food emporiums. Make sure you try some of the spiced sausage and roasted cashews, renowned in the area. As the state is located on the beach, seafood is another one of Goa’s primary culinary attractions – the coastline is lined with quirky seafood shacks.

When comes the time to unwind, retreat to Arambol Beach for a balance of relaxation and activity as it hosts an ever-growing number of restaurants and shops. For a more tranquil beach experience, take a trip to Asvem Beach, Vagator Beach or Paeolem Beach. The kids may want to try snorkeling, jet-skiing or even a spot of surfing, which Goa is popular for during the months of May and June.

Let their imaginations run free in Phnom Penh

Preserving Cambodia’s old world charm, the capital of Phnom Penh demonstrates the exuberance of Khmer art and civilization. From ancient temples to intriguing cuisines, local performing arts and riverfront dining hubs – Phnom Penh is laden with educational and entertaining activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Take a few hours to explore the iconic Silver Pagoda, not only is this spectacular structure adorned with 9,500 diamonds but is also houses a life-sized gold Buddha statue. Offering insight into Cambodia’s past and present, the vihara is home to many national treasures and is sprinkled with history to discover. The Royal Palace is also worth a visit to admire the structure from the outside. If you would like to find out more about Cambodia’s history, take a day to wander through the National Museum of Cambodia – it is packed with interesting exhibits about the country’s political history and cultural influences.

Enjoy an evening on the water and take a cruise along the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. From the comfort of a boat, you can see some incredible sights from the water as well as indulge in an onboard traditional Cambodian feast. This is a great activity for families, both educational and convenient.

If anyone in the family is feeling adventurous, there are plenty of exotic culinary experiences to tuck into in Cambodia such as frogs, duck eggs, chicken feet and even insects. Bon appétit! 

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