4 Times the Liberals “didn’t get it done” on the Environment


NDP – Canada

After years of refusing to produce a serious plan on the environment, Justin Trudeau recently delivered a speech full of lofty promises.

Liberals have a long history of being all-talk, no-action when it comes to protecting the environment. Let’s look at their record in government:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions soared by more than 30%. A former Liberal Chief of Staff admitted that signing Kyoto was a publicity stunt and they had no plan to achieve reductions in climate-changing emissions.
  • Ability to clean up oil spills was drastically weakened. The last Liberal government drastically cut the departments of Fisheries and Oceans (by 30%) and Transport (by 50%) – the ones responsible for handling spills.
  • Environment Canada’s budget was slashed. More than almost any other department during the Chretien/Martin years. The Environment Commissioner even slammed the Liberal’s “Band-Aid approach” to protecting the outdoors.
  • Billions in subsidies were handed to big oil and gas companies — $8 billion to be exact, between 1996 and 2002. Money that could have been spent to invest in clean technology and renewable energy.

It doesn’t stop there. After Canadians booted the Liberals from office, they continued their say one thing, do another approach to the environment:

  • Justin Trudeau voted for Conservative legislation to weaken the Navigable Waters Act – a law that’s vital to protecting the outdoors.
  • Trudeau Liberals joined with Conservatives and opposed an NDP motion to protect the St. Lawrence ecosystem and beluga population from oil development.
  • Despite all the hot air, the Trudeau Liberals still have not committed to any actual targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

It’s no wonder that when it comes to taking on Stephen Harper and replacing him, many Canadians have decided Justin Trudeau isn’t up to the job.

Source Canada’s NDP