4-H Members Can Rely on UFA to Help them Learn by Doing… with credit!

UFA is re-launching a deferred credit program to help 4-H members in two ways.

“As always, we are a trusted and reliable supplier of the products they need for their annual projects. Now, we are also helping to grow 4-H members in to farmers and ranchers who are to financially literate and responsible with credit,” says Carol Kitchen, President and CEO of UFA.

With the support of a UFA member in good standing, 4-H members can apply to get up to $3,000 in credit to UFA Farm and Ranch Supply stores to help with their annual livestock projects. Aside from great supplies and advice to support their projects, participating 4-H members will also get hands-on experience applying for and managing credit.

“UFA has been a steadfast partner of 4-H, contributing directly to the 4-H Alberta Foundation for many years. This offering demonstrates a real opportunity for our members to understand credit and the value of co-operatives as they look ahead to making their contributions as producers or through their careers in agriculture,” says Leah Jones, CEO of the 4-H Alberta Foundation.

Learn more about the program, what to expect as an applicant and find the online application form below:

How to help a 4-H member apply:

  1. Advise them to talk to their parents or an adult UFA member in good standing; they’ll need help applying and a co-signer for their loan.
  2. Advise that applications can be found online at ufa.com/YouthCredit. The PDF application form can be filled in and emailed back tocredit.applications@ufa.com. Printed forms can be dropped off at your nearest UFA Farm & Ranch Supply Store, or UFA Petroleum Agency.
  3. If you receive any printed application forms, please scan and email them tocredit.applications@ufa.com. If you do not have a scanner, please mail them to UFA Credit, Box 5350 Stn. A, Calgary, AB T2H 2J9.

Here’s what a 4-H member can expect when they apply:

  • 4-H members of any age can apply, but must have a UFA member in good standing to co-sign for the loan.
  • Their credit application will be reviewed by UFA’s Credit Adjudication team. If they have questions, they’ll contact the applicant directly.
  • If the application is approved, UFA will open an account in the applicant’s name with the approved credit to use at UFA Farm and Ranch Supply Stores.
  • The applicant will not have to make any payments or pay any interest on the loan, as long as it is repaid after the 4-H project sells and before July 31st. If more time is needed to repay the loan, the applicant will be responsible for the interest from the date of the first transactional purchase on your credit account. UFA may contact the co-signer for payment if the loan is overdue.
  • We recommend using myUFA to manage your monthly statements online.
  • Each month, UFA will provide a statement of account so the applicant can see how much credit has been used. Payments can be made on the account anytime, but the applicant is not required to make a payment, and will not incur any interest on the loan until July 31st.
  • Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 who are successful in their UFA Credit application should consider applying for a UFA Credit Foundation Scholarship valued at $2,500. Visit the 4-H Alberta website information and to apply.