3 Things to Look for in Back-To-School Tech

Whether you’re a techie glued to your desktop at all hours of the day or simply need a device to edit documents and watch pixel perfect video, everyone needs respectable computer equipment. Chances are, the monitor you’re using right now came bundled with the desktop PC you bought a couple of years ago. But did you know there are new models that can dramatically improve your productivity and viewing experience?

88035HSince you probably spend hours every day looking at your monitor, take advantage of back-to-school time and sales to research which features experts recommend looking for.

1. Multi-tasking: You can resize windows and use split screen, which divides the display into multiple sections for different tasks. Advanced options include state-of-the-art display features like four types of picture-in picture multiple window displays, so you can easily work on several documents at a time or type notes while watching presentations or videos. Gamers will delight with game mode, which offers optimal first person shooter and real-time strategy settings. Freesync also provides seamless movement between the graphic card’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate.

2. 4K Resolution and colour accuracy: 4K monitors offer four times the resolution of full HD, and are a must-have for creative students and design and photography professionals. These monitors have exceptional detail and are well-suited for tasks where shadow, gray-scale, and crisp colour fine points are essential. Additionally, the higher the resolution, the more information that can be displayed on the screen. A curved screen also delivers an immersive experience.

3. Size: PC monitors generally run anywhere from 17 to 34 inches. If you’re looking to replace a dual-screen system, consider buying a wider single monitor, like the new 21:9 monitor from LG that features an ultra-wide screen so you can view more. It offers enough real estate to ensure that you can watch videos while viewing multi-page documents in tiled or side-by-side formats.

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