25 of 72 Seized Havanese in AARCS’ Care

In July, 72 Havanese-type dogs ranging in age from two weeks old to adult, were seized from a property in rural Edmonton by Edmonton Police Service and Edmonton Animal Care and Control Centre (ACCC) officers following complaints. 

Over the weekend, 25 of the dogs were released to AARCS care for re-homing. Our staff and volunteers have begun the process of assessing them medically and placing them into foster care until they are ready for adoption, including ensuring they are all medically cleared and spayed or neutered. 

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Edmonton ACCC for rescuing these dogs and caring for them during their investigation. Gloria Sears has been charged under both the criminal code and the Animal Protection Act for causing animals to be in distress and for failing to provide adequate care. 

We will be watching this case closely and we are hopeful that our criminal justice system will prevail. In the meantime our focus will be on ensuring these beautiful souls are provided with the best possible care and eventually find loving, new forever homes. 

We would like to remind the public to be aware that when purchasing animals online, through Kijiji or at a store, that they could be supporting puppy mills and backyard breeders. 

We encourage everyone to consider adoption from a reputable, registered non-profit rescue organization or humane society that provide vet records and spay/neuter. 

Anyone interested in adopting should keep an eye on the website and apply at the time the dog’s profiles are listed.We understand there will be a lot of interest in these dogs, but unfortunately we are not able to accept adoption applications in advance. 

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