200 Days in Space: 10 Photos Highlighting David Saint-Jacques’ Mission

David Saint-Jacques successfully returned to earth on Tuesday.

June 20th marked the 200th day in space for Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques, who has set a record for the longest mission in space by a Canadian astronaut. Here are 10 of the most memorable photos from his mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Space selfie

Can you really perform a spacewalk and not take a selfie? Our planet, Earth, is perfectly reflected in David’s visor. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

Four big cities in Eastern Canada

Four of Canada’s Eastern cities at night—a breathtaking sight from 400 kilometres above Earth. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

An office with a view

Imagine having a workplace window like this! (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)


Seen from the ISS, the Moon seems to hover peacefully above Earth’s horizon. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)


The Sun beginning its ascent. Astronauts aboard the ISS witness the beauty of 16 sunrises and sunsets each day. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

The Tropics

Tropical regions display a stunning palette of blues, even from space. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

Canada’s space robots

Making our mark in space: Canadarm2 and Dextre with the big “blue marble” in the backdrop. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

A family

Spending 200 days away from family and friends is a challenge, but this tight-knit crew makes sure there are no lonely days. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)


The ISS is undoubtedly the best seat in the house to see the auroras, the greatest light show on Earth. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

Astronaut turned barber

An astronaut’s task list is extremely varied, and includes space haircuts! (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA.)

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Source: Canada Space Agency