UPDATE: RCMP Turner Valley ~ Execute successful seizure of drugs and stolen property

Turner Valley RCMP utilize the Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team for successful seizure – UPDATE

Turner Valley, Alberta – Charges have been sworn against another occupant of the house, 32-year-old Darren Cooper Wright.  During the execution of the search warrant, a rifle, ammunition and a hunting bow was seized.  Wright has been charged under the Criminal Code with six counts of breach of firearms prohibition and one count of storing a firearm contrary to regulation.  Wright is at large, and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.


Turner Valley RCMP utilize the Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team for successful seizure

Turner Valley, Alberta – A search warrant was executed on a local home in Turner Valley following a targeted operation by the Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team. During the execution of the search warrant, evidence of drug trafficking was seized, and charges have been laid.

As a result of community concerns and intelligence gathered, Turner Valley RCMP Detachment identified a residence in town in which there was suspicious and possibly illegal activities.  In mid April, the Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team was engaged to coordinate an intelligence led investigation.

On May 15 a traffic stop was initiated and as a result of drugs located in the ensuing vehicle search, the female driver was arrested.  Investigation continued and a search warrant was obtained for her residence in Turner Valley.  As well as evidence of drug trafficking, there was substantial property located in the residence which is believed to be stolen, however is not likely to be identifiable.  Included in this property was a leather saddle of which the RCMP is working on trying to identify an owner.

49-year-old Sharon Nicola Star Wright of Turner Valley has been charged with one charge of possession of crack cocaine, one charge of trafficking crack cocaine and one charge of trafficking oxycodone, under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.  A judicial interim release hearing has been held and Wright was released on a Recognizance to attend court on Tuesday, June 5 at the Provincial Court of Alberta in Turner Valley.

The RCMP is working collaboratively with the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit, which has been engaged in investigating this property, and other persons who may be associated to it.

The investigation continues and other charges are pending.

“Our detachment has listened and responded to community concerns,” says Staff Sergeant Dwayne Helgeson, Detachment Commander of the Turner Valley RCMP.  “We engaged the assistance of our Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team whose focus is on using intelligence-led investigative tactics to target those who harm our communities. In this case, not only Turner Valley, but the surrounding communities have been impacted by this situation.”


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