Jean Calls on Notley and Feds to Speak out Against Planned Tanker Ban, Support Line 3

EDMONTON, AB: (Tuesday), Wildrose Leader Brian Jean once again called on Premier Rachel Notley to state her position on a planned tanker ban on British Columbia’s north coast, and also asked for the federal Liberal government to reverse its long-standing opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline and to formally approve the Enbridge Line 3 replacement.

As late as yesterday, Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said the federal government is still working on a planned moratorium on tanker traffic carrying crude oil. In March, Jean wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally requesting that the planned moratorium on tanker traffic be cancelled.

Jean said he’s pleased that despite intense opposition from both Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley, who said last year, “Gateway is not the right decision,” there is now a renewed focus on the benefits and need for the Northern Gateway Pipeline which was conditionally approved in 2014 under the federal Conservative government.

“The Northern Gateway pipeline would bring over $300 billion in economic benefits for all of Canada over the next 30 years,” Jean said. “Despite this, Premier Notley has not only campaigned against Gateway in the past, but I’ve asked her a dozen times in the Legislature to clearly state her position on this tanker ban that would stop any new pipelines, and she has yet to do so. Alberta should be united with a clear voice stating that this planned tanker ban is an unfair attack on Canada’s energy sector.”

The National Energy Board (NEB) recently approved the Enbridge Line 3 project, which would bring an immediate $7.5 billion in private sector investment into Canada’s energy sector.

Wildrose Shadow Economic Development and Trade Minister Prasad Panda said the federal government should immediately voice its support for this common sense project that will put people to work here in Alberta.

“To date, the federal government has put unnecessary barriers on getting pipelines approved and built,” Panda said. “This is a good opportunity to put words into action and start supporting NEB-approved pipelines like Northern Gateway and now the Line 3 replacement.”