Information about fire bans in the High River area

Information about fire bans in the High River area

HIGH RIVER, AB: The High River Fire Department would like to remind residents that while there are no burning bans in the Town currently, outdoor fires are allowed only in approved fire pits using clean wood for heating and cooking purposes.

Due to the safety risks and inadequate fire pits on or near the Mercer/Hughes properties and the Wallaceville neighbourhood, there is a ban on open fires in those areas.

The Town of High River does not typically implement a fire ban, unless it comes as a resolution from Council.

Effective March 11, the MD of Foothills has placed a burning ban on all open fires including burning barrels and Fire Works. All open fires are to be extinguished and any open burning permits cancelled; new burning permits will not be issued. This ban will be in effect until all areas in the MD of Foothills receive substantial moisture and approval is received to lift the fire ban. More information is available on their website

Below are the regulations for backyard fire pits in the Town of High River:

“Fire is contained in a pit with a non-combustible bottom that has a ring of cement or steel that is a minimum of 30 cm high and is located at least three (3) meters from any structure and is clear from flammable fuels, including but not limited to grass, trees and bushes for at least one and one-half (1.5) meters horizontally and from the edge of the rim and two and one-half (2.5) meters vertically from the edge of the rim and covered with a 3mm wire mesh.”

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