Acceptable Materials for Automated Waste Collection and Yard Waste Drop-off

Acceptable Materials for Automated Waste Collection and Yard Waste Drop-off

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town would like to remind all residents that the Solid Waste Management (Garbage) – Bylaw 4211/2008 prohibits the dumping of hazardous waste, toxic chemicals and automotive fluids in all waste collection receptacles.

“We have had a few incidents recently where someone has driven up to a receptacle that is not in their designated neighbourhood and dumped oil or other unacceptable items,” says Jason Burrows, roads, solid waste and recycling supervisor with the Town. “Then the oil spills all over the truck and the road when the cart is emptied into the truck with the automated arm.”

Oil put in garbage binResidents are asked to make sure that waste is placed securely inside waste receptacles, bagged, tied and that the cart lid can close securely. Carts that are overfilled will not be picked up.

The Town reserves the right to withhold collection of improperly prepared waste, prohibited waste, excessive quantities of waste, or waste located at unsafe or non-compliant set-out locations.

The Town will not remove any of the following during waste collection:

  • Highly combustible or explosive materials
  • Toxic or household Hazardous Waste including solvents,    oven cleaners, paints, automotive fluids, wet cell batteries, pesticides, herbicides, or any material commonly referred to as household, commercial, or industrial Hazardous Waste;
  • Biomedical Waste including hypodermic needles or syringes, lancets or any sharp item used in home medical care;
  • Large bulky items such as mattresses, box springs, dressers, tables, chairs, major appliances, auto and truck parts, tires, tree limbs, whole shrubs, or discarded heavy machinery;

Residents are also reminded that only grass clippings, branches and organic yard waste can be taken to the new drop-off location at the south end of 1A Street at 1 Avenue N.E.  These bins are not to be used for garbage or commercial waste.

“There has been lumber, pots and garbage being put in the bins regularly,” says Burrows. “We want to remind people that this is a free service and please refrain from throwing garbage into the yard waste bins.”

Yard Waste 1 Yard Waste 2For more information and a complete list of prohibited items, please visit the Recycling and Garbage page under the ‘Residents’ menu at