Major Pipeline Projects Popular with AB Small Business

Major Pipeline Projects Popular with AB Small Business

Support ranges from 79 per cent for Keystone XL to 95 per cent for Energy East

Calgary, April 11, 2016 – The vast majority of entrepreneurs in Alberta want market access for the province’s natural resources to be a top priority, according to recent survey findings from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).  The results come as Premier Notley made a pledge to promote getting a pipeline approved in her televised address this past Thursday.

Independent business owners in Alberta were asked: Do you support or oppose the following proposed pipeline projects?

·         Energy East – 95 per cent support

·         Trans Mountain – 93 per cent support

·         Northern Gateway – 88 per cent support

·         Keystone XL – 79 per cent support

“All major pipeline projects are wildly popular among the province’s entrepreneurs.  The construction and maintenance of large scale infrastructure injects billions of private sector dollars into the Alberta economy, spurring job creation and opportunity for small businesses,” said Amber Ruddy, CFIB Director of Provincial Affairs for Alberta.  “We urge governments to move forward on the approval of critical infrastructure.”

In a previous survey from 2014, nearly 90 per cent of AB small business owners said the health of the oil and gas sector is important to the success of their business.  “Alberta job creators understand that pipelines are the railways of the 21st century.  Entrepreneurs in our province believe these projects are a vital part of getting Alberta’s economy back on track,” added Ruddy.

With support for pipelines through the roof in Alberta, CFIB will be reaching out to its broader membership in the coming months to capture their views.  “Alberta small business owners agree with the provincial government’s push for market access,” added Ruddy.  “From the Alberta perspective, developing the capacity to transport oil across the country is a no-brainer.”

The February 2016 survey is based on 806 controlled web accessed CFIB member responses.

CFIB is Canada’s largest association of small- and medium-sized businesses with 109,000 members across every sector and region.