Nixon Statement on Justice Iacobucci “Tobaccogate” Investigation

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EDMONTON, AB: (April 4th), Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Jason Nixon released the following statement on the release of Justice Frank Iacobucci’s Tobaccogate investigation.

“It was with interest that we read the report of former Supreme Court Justice Iacobucci on the Tobaccogate investigation.

“We hope the government will take his advice and ask Ethics Commissioner MargueriteTrussler to re-open an investigation, and that she will do so. We agree with Justice Iacobucci that this topic is important and leaving questions unasked and unanswered will certainly ‘undermine public confidence in the administration of government.’

“It is clear from this report that elements in the previous government went to significant effort to not present the previous Ethics Commissioner with all the facts.

“I particularly note that Justice Iacobucci goes to some effort to point out that his review did not deal with issues of criminality and that he did not have the investigatory tools available to him that law enforcement bodies have.

“He correctly points out that criminal investigations should be conducted by law enforcement agencies. In late 2015, Wildrose wrote to the RCMP asking them to investigate this matter – they wrote back to us and told us that they are dealing with this file.”

Nixon will be available in the Legislature rotunda at 4 pm today to respond.