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School Authorities Submit Policies Supporting Safe and Caring Schools in Alberta


Education Minister David Eggen has provided an update on policy submissions from school authorities to support safe and caring schools.

As of the morning of March 31, Alberta Education has received policies from 55 school authorities. It is anticipated that all but two out of the 61 school authorities in Alberta will submit policies by the end of the March 31 deadline.

Minister Eggen commended school authorities for their diligent work on the policies and said it was fitting that March 31 also marked International Transgender Day of Visibility.

“It has been inspiring to see so much support for LGBTQ students and staff. We know that when kids are being bullied or are experiencing stress, their mental health suffers and they don’t do as well in school. We know that much work remains in the months ahead to review these policies, and we will continue to support our school authorities every step of the way.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education

Alberta Education staff will be reaching out to offer support to school authorities that have yet to submit policies.

The formal review of all submitted policies will begin in April.

In November 2015, Minister Eggen directed all school authorities to share these policies by March 31, 2016.

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