Budget 2016 – A First Step Towards Additional and Improved Home Care Services for all Canadians

Budget 2016 – A First Step Towards Additional and Improved Home Care Services for all Canadians


MISSISSAUGA, ON, March, 2016 /CNW/ – The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) is encouraged by the Federal Government’s committed investments to modernize and improve our health care system.  The recognition that fundamental change is needed to enhance home care and address the future health needs of Canadians is a vision that members of the CHCA embrace.

The budget includes targeted investments of $39 million to the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement to facilitate new and innovative approaches to health care; as well as $50 million to Canada Health Infoway to advance short-term digital health activities in e-prescribing and telehomecare.

“With the emergence of new technologies, there is huge potential to support people in their own homes,” stated Réal Cloutier, CHCA President. “These targeted investments will result in positive changes for the home care sector across Canada.”

Research evidence clearly shows that technological innovation can transform health care service delivery.  New models of care, supported by technology enable care to shift from institutional and professional settings to a patient’s home.  Through the use of technology, individuals can achieve more independence, remain in their homes longer, and be more engaged in the self-management of their conditions.

The reinforcement of the need to negotiate a new multi-year health accord as stated in the 2016 budget is an important step to ensuring accessibility and sustainability of the home care sector.   The current demand for home care services is outpacing the available funding and resources.  The number of Canadians receiving home care has doubled over the past decade to over 1.8 million; but the funding has remained the same at a meagre 5 percent of the total public health care spending.

“There is an urgency for action and resources to ensure more and better home care services for Canadians,” said Nadine Henningsen, CHCA Executive Director.  “In the absence of appropriate funding and resources, we will have unnecessary hospitalizations, premature admissions to long-term care facilities and ultimately, wasted health care dollars.”

The CHCA welcomes the opportunity to work with the federal government and our partner organizations to provide expertise and input on ways to enhance the home care sector across Canada.  The 2016 federal budget is a first step to achieving this goal and recognizing home care as a key part of an integrated approach to health and wellness.

About the Canadian Home Care Association
The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA), incorporated in 1990, is a national not-for-profit membership association representing home care stakeholders from governments (federal, provincial and territorial), health authorities, publicly funded home care programs, service providers, medical and technology companies, researchers and others with an interest in home care.  The CHCA advances excellence in home care and continuing care through leadership, awareness, advocacy and knowledge.

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