RCMP: Albertans Reminded that Speeding can Result in Jail Time  

Fort McMurray, AB – The Wood Buffalo Integrated Traffic Unit (ITU), consisting of members of the Alberta Sheriffs and RCMP, has seen a large increase in the number of drivers charged with travelling at excessive rates of speed on highways in the Fort McMurray area.  In 2015,  Wood Buffalo ITU laid 287 court mandatory charges for motorists driving in excess of 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit, up 17% from 2014. Last year, Wood Buffalo  ITU also laid another 6,200 other speeding tickets. M

Motorists are reminded that  that driving at excessive speeds is dangerous and poses significant safety risks to those in your vehicle and other motorists. Driving at speeds above the posted  limit can also result in a fine, license suspension and even jail time.
On September 11th, 2015, Wood Buffalo ITU stopped a vehicle for excessive speeding on Highway 63 north of Fort McMurray.  The driver, a 54- year old resident of Fort McMurray was charged with speeding and received a mandatory court appearance.  On February 12th, 2016, he was found guilty in Fort McMurray Provincial Court and sentenced to 14 days jail for his actions.  Many other drivers have been issued 90 day driving suspensions and a fine of $2,000 with an additional $300 victim impact fee.