Town Working to Bring High-Speed Fibre Optic Internet to High River

Town Working to Bring High-Speed Fibre Optic Internet to High River


High-River-logo-e1402092935622.jpgHIGH RIVER, AB: The Town of High River is currently working with several different companies to bring high-speed fibre optic internet connections to residential and commercial properties throughout town.

“Being able to offer our residents and businesses fast and reliable high speed fibre optic internet is a high priority for the Town,” said Kent Blair, manager of information services for the Town of High River. “Our goal is to create a competitive marketplace with a variety of affordable options available to meet High River’s internet needs.”

Fibre networks are described as a future-proof technology, meaning that once it is connected to a property, it is unlikely that another internet line will ever have to be installed again.

Other benefits to fibre networks include:

  • Highest possible speeds
  • No caps on data usage
  • Constant connectivity and greater bandwidth
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • No outages due to weather or other environmental factors

Axia, an Alberta based company, has expressed interest in developing a fibre network for both residential and commercial customers in High River. In order to bring their services to town, Axia requires 30 per cent of a community to express interest in signing up for their fibre optic internet.

The Town is encouraging interested residents and business owners to visit Axia’s website at and enter their address to express their interest.

“Fibre networks are able to deliver fast and reliable internet and we are actively working with several different companies who have expressed interest in bringing these services to High River,” says Blair. “The best way for residents to help speed up this process is to visit Axia’s website and express interest in their services.”

There are no upfront fees and you will not be contacted until High River has reached the 30 per cent interest mark.

Once 30 per cent of residents have expressed interest in Axia’s service, they move into the design and implementation stage and begin planning the complete roll out of the fibre network.

For more information on other fibre optic and broadband opportunities in High River, visit the Public Forums page at