Deputy Critic John Barlow Discouraged by February Job Numbers

Deputy Critic John Barlow Discouraged by February Job Numbers


High River, AB – On Friday, Statistics Canada released the unemployment rate for February 2016. In total, the economy lost 2,300 jobs in February, pushing the unemployment rate to 7.3%. 7,800 jobs were lost in Saskatchewan, and the natural resources sector lost nearly 9,000 jobs.

The Conservative Government’s policies resulted in the creation of more than 1 million net new jobs, the best job creation rate of any of the G-7 countries. The Liberals have no jobs plan. In fact, the Liberals plan to raise taxes on job creating businesses across the country, making it harder for out of work Canadians to find employment.

“The Liberal government’s inaction continues to cost Canadian jobs and stifle our economy,” said Foothills MP John Barlow, Deputy Critic for Employment, Workforce Development and Labour. ‎”More than 20,000 full time jobs were lost in Alberta in January and now Saskatchewan has lost nearly 9000 jobs in February.”

Barlow, vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources added, “Uncertainty is crippling our economy because the Liberals are nowhere to be found when it comes to natural resources and pipelines. The Prime Minister is wining and dining in Washington with openly anti-Canadian and anti-oilsands groups instead of promoting our energy sector and the thousands of jobs that come with it.”

Private Sector investment creates jobs and drives economic growth. Canadian firms will not invest in the Canadian economy if they do not know the overall cost of doing business. Whether it is failing to find a solution to the softwood lumber dispute or creating more uncertainty for pipeline development, Liberal policies are stifling private sector investment that creates jobs for hardworking families.

Moving forward, the Liberals will continue to borrow billions of dollars to pay for their spending promises, and since we know that budgets do not balance themselves, Mr. Morneau will eventually be forced to raise taxes on Canadian families and businesses.