Turner Valley School News: March is Nutrition Month

Turner Valley School News: March is Nutrition Month

All of Turner Valley School will be participating in a variety of nutrition related activities during the month of March. Some of the things we will be doing this month are:

  • making “Four Food Groups Placemats” and sorting our snacks into the appropriate groups daily
  • making and tasting some delicious (new) healthy snacks in class
  • participating in the school-wide Fruit & Veggie

Competition (March 7th to 16th). Classes will be awarded points for each fruit or veggie serving consumed during snack. For each “full class equivalent” the class will be entered into a prize draw. The prize is a healthy snack for the entire class!

For more information on Nutrition Month, please visit www.dietitians.ca/nutritionmonth

Food Bank Collection

Congratulations to the Grade 1 and 2 students who collected 100 items for the food bank in conjunction with the 100th day of school!

Many thanks to all who donated.