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Provincial Inspectors on Tour to Improve Workplace Safety


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers are inspecting stand-alone convenience stores and combined convenience store/gas station operations.

Officers are talking to employers and workers about current OHS and Employment Standards legislation related to issues such as working alone, workplace violence, paycheque deductions and employing young workers.

“Health and safety on the job is paramount. Employers are responsible to take all precautions to ensure their workers are safe, treated fairly and go home to their families at the end of the day, no matter what industry they work in.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

OHS officers will review approximately 200 work sites across the province over the next three months. They have the authority to write orders on the spot, including stop use and/or stop work orders or other orders to produce documents such as hazard assessments. If an OHS officer suspects employment standards issues, the case will be referred to Employment Standards for follow-up.

“Alberta retailers operate in a challenging environment and their safety and that of the public is paramount to our industry. The Western Convenience Stores Association continues to work with the Alberta government to ensure evidence-based safety measures proven to work in our unique retail environment are in place and accessible to all retailers.”

Andrew Klukas, President, Western Convenience Stores Association

The results of the inspection campaign, along with ongoing consultations with industry stakeholders, will help determine the next steps in the review of OHS and Employment Standards legislation.

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