A Message from the Turner Valley RCMP on Rural Mailbox Thefts

As a follow-up to our message from 2016-02-27 “HCRCWA: Rural mailbox break-ins,” I have contacted Canada Post for discussion on solutions and contacted our RCMP for a message on this topic.  You can see the details of the confirmed break-ins and recommendations in the RCMP message below. 

During the next few weeks Canada Post and the M.D. of Foothills will be discussing and exploring options on an MD-wide scope.  We will update you when information becomes available.  In the meantime, while we are still using the current green mail boxes, Canada Post suggests picking up your mail often.  

Thank you to HCRCWA members who have sent in suggestions.

Best Regards,

Suzanne Oel

Since the beginning of 2016, the RCMP have received one complaint about Damage to Mail Boxes and Theft of mail from within. I understand that several sites were damaged on the evening of Feb.25, 2016 into the early morning hours of Feb.26, 2016 and this has been reported and documented in our records.

There are locks available for sale, that are commonly used on Sea Cans and UHaul’s during transport that are designed to be increasingly more difficult to cut by bolt cutters or similar tools.  The RCMP is unsure if these kinds of locks are compatible with the rural mail box set up, however the research should be explored. 

The RCMP continue to speak on other Crime Prevention methods that may assist in these areas. For safety and deterrent purposes, increased lighting and improved location of rural boxes should be explored.  With regards to the contents of individual mail boxes, residents should consider paperless online/email billing, direct deposit of monies owed or cheques being received. Several of these online billing options and the ability to set up direct deposit are becoming widely available by the majority of businesses and banks. This leaves only flyers, junk mail and correspondence to be delivered to individual boxes thus cutting down drastically on the amount of personal information that appears in an individual’s mail.

I have also attached three photos that I pulled off the internet of the types of locks that might be considered, although the company attached to my photos is outside of Canada. Locks of this type, shape and design, are available for purchase at local U-Haul dealers, and any storage facilities or online from a number of different companies.

Shared by High Country Rural Crime Watch Association

Photos of locks by ABUS

ABUS Granit lock ABUS Granit lock 1 ABUS Diskus lock