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March is Fraud Prevention Month: Recognize, Reject and Report Fraud!

OTTAWA, ON — Competition Bureau

Fraud Prevention Month 2016 kicks off today with the release of the results of a new survey on the most common scams targeting Canadian consumers, as well as tips on how they can protect themselves.

The national list of Top 10 Scams was unveiled at news conferences in Vancouver and Montreal. It was compiled by Better Business Bureaus in nine provinces with input from the Quebec-based Option Consommateurs as well as the Competition Bureau.

The Bureau and its partners will be making a number of announcements during Fraud Prevention Month to help consumers and businesses recognize, reject and report fraud. So stay connected to make sure you have the information you need to arm yourself in the fight against fraud.

Quick facts:

  • See what’s in store for the month by viewing the Fraud Prevention Month Calendar of Events.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. For the fourth consecutive year, the Bureau will be hosting a Twitter Chat for ‘2 Good 2 B True’ Day on Tuesday, March 8th, focusing on various scams that are too good to be true and providing tips on how to reject them.
  • What is price-fixing and how do we stop it? How does bid-rigging harm consumers and businesses alike? Watch out for the 3rd annual Anti-cartel Day, happening on March 16, 2016.
  • Learn about some of the most common types of scams. Check out The Little Black Book of Scams and Videos. The more you know about scams, the better you can protect yourself from them.

“Fraud Prevention Month highlights the Bureau’s year-round efforts to empower Canadians in the fight against fraud. The tactics employed by modern scam artists require law enforcement and consumer protection agencies to rely more than ever on the public to report fraud. With your help, we can better take action in collaboration with our fraud prevention partners. We will continue to work to ensure that consumers and businesses can recognize and reject fraud, in order to thrive in a competitive and innovative marketplace.”

John Pecman
Commissioner of Competition

Related Information

  • To report instances of fraud, contact the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at, or call 1-888-495-8501.
  • To report cases of misleading representations and deceptive marketing, contact the Bureau at, or call 1-800-348-5358.
  • Canadians may also contact their local police forces.


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