Rural Mailbox Break-Ins Near Priddis

Rural Mailbox Break-Ins Near Priddis


Mailbox lockOn February 26, 2016, a number of locks were cut off of our rural mail boxes at a site near Priddis on Coal Mine Road, and likely mail was stolen.  My mail box was one of them.  I am attaching a photo for you to show you the cuts and marks of how the lock was removed.

I reported this to the RCMP right away.  Since it was a Friday night, I am not sure if there are more boxes that were broken into and I cannot get information about that for you until Monday.  However, I wanted to let you know as soon as I could, and then encourage you to check your mail box is still secure, check for mail often, place a really tough lock on your box, and report any break-ins and loss to the RCMP at 403.933.4262.

If you saw something suspicious at the location of our mail boxes, please report it.  Let’s watch out for each other.

Also, I plan to report this to Canada Post.  I know of a number of rural mail box thefts over the last year and our HCRCWA had previously sent out a message in January 2016 about this.  Any ideas for solutions would be welcome.

Best Regards,

Suzanne Oel