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Calgary Zoo Blushes with Love for its Animals


redpandaskissingWMEDITEDCalgary, AB – As February 14 draws closer, the Calgary Zoo is preparing to celebrate the season of romance with some of its animal residents. Courtship, mating and reproduction are at the heart of the zoo’s conservation efforts here at home and around the world. With love on the brain, these amorous aspects will be shared during a Valentine’s weekend of enrichment for the zoo’s animals.

“When certain occasions come upon us, we enjoy being able to create exciting experiences for our visitors that tie the conservation work we do to something they can relate to,” says Colleen Baird, Curator Behavioural Enrichment and Training, Calgary Zoo. “Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to talk about reproduction while sharing some love for our animals by providing them with special enrichment items.”

During the Family Day long weekend, Calgary Zoo staff will discuss wooing, breeding and coupling during free daily programming along with some animals receiving Valentine’s themed enrichment items at specific times and locations each day.

Schedule of Events:

* 1:30 p.m., Sat. Feb. 13, 2016 – Hippos in honour of World Hippo Day.

* 3:30 p.m., Sun. Feb. 14, 2016 – Gorillas with Valentine roses.

* Special Valentine boxes will be placed in some habitats in Canadian Wilds and Eurasia.

* Free daily programming will highlight mating and reproduction.

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