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Turner Valley School New Year’s Resolutions


Here’s to a Productive Year in Mrs. Fredriksen’s Grade 2 Class

To pick up dog poo and wash dishes … by Leighton to Mom

To clean my room … by Owen

To not play my iPad so much and to not be so rude … by Eli

To load the dishwasher … by Hannah

To do more math and to do more writing … by Erich

To lock up cats every night! … by Brooklyn

To feed my cat three times a week and feed my dog 5 times a week … by Leila

To take better care of my toys … by Tieren

To set an example for the Kindergartners … by Chinook

To clean my room before I go to bed … by Chelsea

To try to get stronger … by Tyson

To clean the bathroom … by Cas

To clean my room every month … by Riley

To finish my not finished work … by Mackenzie

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