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Turner Valley School Ask the Principal: What Changes are Coming to the Way Bricks are Given?

As many of you know, it is a Turner Valley School tradition to hand out bricks to students as a way of recognizing students among their peers when they demonstrate characteristics that we value as a school. The idea is to recognize things we want to see more of and to present the good example for their peers. Usually we hand out
bricks at our monthly assemblies, however, to start this year we only had a Halloween and Remembrance Day assembly before the Christmas break, and neither were appropriate times for bricks. This has happened in years past where students miss out on celebrating bricks until January. Our Tiger Wall of Fame is a little bare for half the school year and we have been feeling something needed to change as we know there are a lot of positive things happening year round in our building. We have decided to start announcing bricks over the morning announcements. This way we do not have to wait for an assembly, students have the daily reminder of positive things occurring in the school and celebrations are more often. This will also give teachers an opportunity to discuss in the moment the reason for the bricks to the class. We look forward to experimenting with this new method of handing out bricks and if this will help them be more relevant and meaningful for the students.

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